ICNF 2015 - 2nd International Conference on Natural Fibers

Conference venue

The Conference will take place at TEATRO MICAELENSE, Ponta Delgada - São Miguel, Azores, Portugal.


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Azores - Feel alive

Brought together in an archipelago, each Azorean island has its own identity. Even if they all share an extraordinary natural legacy, they also have their own unique strokes in their landscape, traditions, cuisine and architecture. There are no words capable of describing and classifying the charm of these nine charismatic islands. They have been sculptured by ancient volcanoes and populated over the centuries by courageous and kind people. Thus the Azores are a place of varied experiences and emotions.

In the realm of legend, some associate the Azores to the Atlantis, the mythical island kingdom quoted by Plato. As for history, references to nine islands in the Atlantic Ocean located approximately in the position of the Azores can be found in books and maps since the 14th century. However, it was with the Portuguese Maritime Discoveries, led by Prince Infante D. Henrique, that the Azores were definitely registered in the map of Europe. It is unknown whether the first navigator to reach the archipelago was Diogo de Silves in 1427 or Gonçalo Velho Cabral in 1431. The origin of the name Azores is also debatable as there are various theories. The most common associates the designation of the common buzzards found on the islands which were mistaken as being another bird of prey: the northern goshawk (açor). What is now certain is that it was Prince Infante D. Henrique who incited the settlement of the islands. First, animals were sent, between 1431 and 1432, and later settlers started to arrive from 1439.

São Miguel Island

São Miguel is the biggest island of the archipelago, with 62.1 km in length and 15.8 km at its maximum width. More than half of the Azorean population (133.816 inhabitants in 2008) occupies an area of 744.7 sq. km.

Sometime between 1427 and 1431, the Portuguese navigators discovered the island of São Miguel, right after the island of Santa Maria. The initial settlement, dating from 1440 with the arrival of Gonçalo Velho Cabral, was carried out by people who came from the Portuguese regions of Estremadura, Algarve and Alentejo. Later, other communities made up of Moors, Jews and foreigners, namely French, also settled on the island. The fertile soils and the existence of some safe bays quickly transformed the island into a trading post. The economic growth was sustained mainly by the production and export of wheat and woad which boosted the island’s settlement.

The economy of the island kept growing during the 20th century given the expansion of agriculture and cattle breeding, which supplied part of the dairy industry. However, since the 1980s, the progress of the services sector has been increasingly noticeable, and it now employs most of the local population. Part of this sector, tourism is the latest investment of São Miguel, the island where the seat of the Regional Government of the Azores is located.


Fees and deadlines

The symposium fees are as follows, in euros:

 Up to 28th February 2015After 28th February 2015
Authors 1 350 € 400 €
Students 2 200 € 250 €
Participants (non authors) 400 € 450 €
Accompanying person 3 50 € 50 €
Exhibitor 2500 € 2500 €
  • 1 - Deadline for author's registration and payment is 5th April.
  • 2 - Students are required to provide a proof to support their application for student rate.
    Please send it to secretariat@icnf2015.fibrenamics.com
  • 3 - Includes ONLY participation in the social program (Coffee-Breaks, Welcome Drink and Ponta Delgada City Tour and "Viola da Terra" concert (traditional Azorean instrument) included. Conference dinner and lunches are not included).

Presenting authors can submit 1 paper. Additional papers of presenting authors will be subject to a fee of 50 € each.

Exhibitors are entitled to a 6m2 booth equipped with a small table and two chairs, access to electricity and internet, registration of one representative as Participant, and the name of the company in the list of the conference sponsors.
In order to apply as exhibitor, please contact the organization to secretariat@icnf2015.fibrenamics.com

Reimbursement from cancellation:

90% until 28/FEV/2015;
50% until 5/APR/2015;
0% after 5/APR/2015

Fees include:

Attendance to all sessions, book of abstract and CD of proceedings with full papers of all oral and poster presentations, coffee-breaks, 3 lunches.


Abstract submission

30th October 2014

15th November 2014

Communication of acceptance

8th December 2014

Early registration

28th February 2015

Full Paper Submission

8th March 2015



If you come from abroad, please make your travel arrangements to fly to Ponta Delgada (PDL) to João Paulo II Airport.

A lot of European platforms fly directly to Ponta Delgada, such as: Frankfurt, Heathrow, Gatwick, Orly, Charles-de-Gaulle, Amsterdam, Madrid, Brussels, and many others from the rest of the world.


Group Doors Seats 1 Day 2-6 Days
A 3 4 43,80€ 28,10€
B 5 5 45,00€ 31,00€
C 5 5 47,50€ 34,00€
D 4 9 143,80€ 82,60€

All prices are presented for car per day.

Prices include: Unlimited Mileage, Collision Coverage, Additional Driver, Delivery and return at the airport, Returns in Hotels and VAT.

Prices do not include: Gasoline, delivery charge and collection in hotels outside the cities, surcharge, fines or other extras.

Information: Customer is responsible for all damages or losses caused to the vehicle during the rental. For extra insurances not included, costumer can ask for the rent-a-car flyer. 
Gasoline: At the time of rental credit card will be required as collateral. The vehicles will be delivered with a full fuel tank. At the end of the rental customer must return with full tank.
Driver's age: Minimum 21 years, with one year of driving experience.
Note: Required submit credit card or check as collateral, the value of the excess charge.

Reservations can be made at SOCIAL MENU.


The reservation includes Breakfast, VAT, Turistic Taxes, Insurance.
Prices are listed per room, with exception for Multibedded.

Reservations can be made at SOCIAL MENU.





VIP Executive Azores ****

50 55 - 1,5 Km

The Lince Azores ****

55 60 - 1,1 Km

Quinta da Abelheira

112 122 Family - 860
Superior - 568
Deluxe - 720
4,0 Km

Youth Hostel - Ponta Delgada

 -  - Multi-bedded - 127
(price per person)
1,0 Km

Youth Hostel - Lagoa

 - 36 - 7,6 Km





  • - Application form (doc, pdf)
  • - Cond. of entry (pdf)
  • - Jury (doc, pdf)


Abstract submission

30th October 2014

15th November 2014

Communication of acceptance

12th December 2014

Early registration

28th February 2015

Full Paper Submission

8th March 2015

Award Application

31th March 2015


email: secretariat

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